• Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber

We supply the most comprehensive range of carbon fiber materials on the market, covering a range of products from high-performance premium fiber TORAYCA™ for aircraft applications to affordable large-tow, large-volume fiber ZOLTEK™.


Why TORAY Materials?

High Performance

With the introduction of the de facto standard fiber “T300,” our TORAYCA™ yarn has proven its high-performance to numerous customers. Whether it's tensile strength, tensile modulus, or a mixture of the two that you need, our fiber will always provide the best performance.

High Quality

Since the first commercial launch of TORAYCA™ yarn in 1971, we have maintained our high quality thanks to strict process and production control. Our history of valuing quality means that customers can rely on the quality of our carbon fiber, regardless of their industry.

Wide Variety

With a wide range of carbon fibers that cover a variety of different mechanical properties, filament counts and spool sizes, we provide each customer with the perfect product to meet their demands, from high-performance regular-tow fibers TORAYCA™ to affordable large-tow fibers ZOLTEK™.

Stable Supply

Our carbon fiber is produced in multiple locations, including Japan, Korea, US, France, Hungary and Mexico. Our large production capability allows us to provide a stable supply of our fiber to customers all around the world.

Carbon fiber products significantly contribute to curbing of global warming in terms of life cycle assessment and Toray also actively participates in programs with customer and research groups to develop new recycling technologies and applications.