Chopped Fibers

TORAYCA™ chopped fiber is used to reinforce injection and compression molding compounds with various matrices such as thermoset/thermoplastic resins, rubber, paper and cement. It is available in 3 to 24 mm lengths. End uses of the molded parts include brakes/clutches for automotive applications and housing parts for electrical applications.

We also manufactures chopped fiber from our large-tow carbon fiber ZOLTEK™. Designed with cleaner and more consistent flow rates in mind, ZOLTEK™ chopped fiber is produced with a high bulk density value. It is commonly compounded with general engineering thermoplastics (PC, Nylon, etc.) and high-temperature thermoplastic resins (PEEK, PEI, etc.), with the resulting composites offering industry-leading strength-to-weight and stiffness-to-weight ratios. ZOLTEK™ chopped fibers also distribute easily during compounding, improving processes and product performance. ZOLTEK™ PX35 chopped fibers are versatile and readily available in pellet, flake or stick form.


High Performance

Our TORAYCA™ chopped fiber is the proven choice when performance matters to numerous customers across a variety of applications. Whether it's tensile strength, tensile modulus, or a mixture of the two that you need, our fiber will always provide the best performance. In addition, good electrical conductivity means it can be used for electrical applications.

High Quality

We maintain our high quality with strict process and production control.  Our history of valuing quality means that customers can rely on the quality of our carbon fiber, regardless of their industry.

Wide Variety

With a wide variety of cut lengths and a range of carbon fibers with different mechanical properties and sizings, we provide each customer with the perfect product to meets their demands.

Stable Supply

TORAYCA™ chopped fiber is produced in Japan, and ZOLTEK™ PX35 chopped fiber is produced in the US. Our large production capability allows us to provide a stable supply of our fiber to customers all around the world.

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