Cable Cores

TORAYCA™ carbon fiber is ideal for cable cores requiring high-capacity and high-efficiency at a cost-effective price.

Nowadays, power demand is increasing and high-voltage power grid systems need to be expanded, mainly in emerging countries. Cable cores traditionally use steel or aluminum, but for high-voltage power grid systems better transmission capacity and efficiency is needed.

Compared to conventional steel/aluminum cable core transmission, CFRP cable core transmission can provide several advantages.

Thanks to a 30% reduction in weight compared to aluminum conventional cable core transmission and a small coefficient of thermal expansion, CFRP cable core transmission can reduce transmission loss and double power transmission.

In addition, CFRP cable core transmission prevents the sag caused by high temperatures on the surface of the cable. This reduces construction costs by cutting the number of towers required, tower construction cost and lead time.

Carbon fiber is also rustproof, increasing the material life.

Since CFRP cable core provides high performance while also reducing costs, the cable core business looks set to grow significantly as a key application field for carbon fiber.

Why TORAY Materials?

Learn about the benefits advanced composites bring to the cable core market.


Advanced composites are stronger than steel, but up to 40% lighter than aluminum. The lighter weight reduces sag while also reducing infrastructure costs and transmission loss.

Small Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

The small coefficient of thermal expansion reduces sag while reducing infrastructure costs and transmission loss.

Corrosion Resistant

Carbon fiber reinforced plastics are inherently resistant to corrosion and corrosive environments, making them ideal as a metal replacement in cable cores.

Toray Composite Materials for Cable Cores

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