Pultruded Products-Rod, Plate etc

TORAYCA™ pultruded laminates are made by arranging carbon fibers in the same direction and impregnating them with epoxy resin. The resulting material is then molded and hardened to form plates that can be used as repair and reinforcement materials for civil engineering and construction projects. TORAYCA™ laminates can be attached to concrete surfaces in existing structures with adhesives, making them ideal for use restricted spaces where bulky machinery and equipment would be impractical. We have established the CFRP Laminate Systems Research Group to promote the use of TORAYCA™ laminates and improve the technology.



Manual application means there is no need for heavy machinery. There is only a minimal increase in load after reinforcement.

Easy to Handle

TORAYCA™ pultruded laminates can be applied to existing concrete structures without the need for bulky machinery, making them ideal for structural repairs where space is limited.


Easier surface preparation (area, powder dust, trash) and a shorter construction period.

Minimal Increase in Section (Approx. 2 to 5 mm)

It only has a minimal impact on space where used (reduced area, volume and height).


ZOLTEK™ Pultruded Profiles are pre-cured, thick-ply large tow carbon fiber laminates, production-ready composites for ideal structural reinforcement for infrastructure applications, deep sea exploration, wind energy, and other applications benefiting from the unique properties of pultruded carbon fiber parts. Available in a variety of thicknesses and complex shapes, our pultrusion products deliver optimized properties with high fiber volumes, nearly zero void content, and locked-in filament alignment.



High specific strength and modulus. High performance/weight of material enables you to design lightweight structural components.

Efficient Processing

Minimal or no surface preparation required with surface peel ply


  • Resin (Vinyl ester, Epoxy)
  • Cross-section (105mm x 5mm, 200mm x 5mm, etc)

Reliable Composite Properties

Reliable building block with reduced defects (better as built properties)

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