Woven Fabrics (Carbon)

TORAYCA™ fabric is a textile that uses carbon fiber. Shaped into a sheet, this fabric has excellent processability and is easy to impregnate with resin.

TORAYCA™ fabric is used in reinforcement materials for civil engineering/construction, sporting applications such as bicycles, and aircraft members, with new applications continually emerging. As the world's leading carbon fiber manufacturer, we are actively growing our textile business.

We also manufactures large-tow carbon fabrics, which are produced from ZOLTEK™ PX35 50K continuous-tow carbon fiber. As a part of our commitment to providing innovative solutions for a variety of applications, we achieve cost-effective and quick composite part build-up with our cosmetically attractive carbon fiber fabrics. Some common applications of this industry-leading product include large composite tooling parts and aesthetically appealing finished composite components.

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