An Essential Material for Fuel Cell Electrodes

Fuel cells are electrical generation devices that utilize a chemical reaction to unleash a fuel's latent energy. They are clean, quiet, efficient and scalable, allowing them versatility in nearly every power application.
(Source: Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Energy Association website http://www.fchea.org/)

TORAYCA™ carbon paper is a porous C/C composite (a composite material of carbon fiber and carbon) that has been heat-treated at a high temperature. Its excellent features make this a favorite base material for fuel cell electrodes and other electrode applications.

Structure and generation mechanism of high polymer fuel cells :

Generation mechanism of fuel cells:
TORAYCA™ carbon paper has been used as an electrode base material (gas diffusion layer) for phosphoric acid fuel cells and high polymer fuel cells.

We manufacture GDL as well as TORAYCA™ carbon paper.

Electrode reaction:
1) Anode side (fuel electrode): 2H2 → 4H+ + 4e-
2) Cathode side (air electrode): 4H+ + O2 + 4e- → 2H2O

Examples of applications:

Why TORAY Materials?

High Conductivity

Carbon fiber bonds strongly to carbon, resulting in better electrical conduction.

High Strength

The carbon paper is thin, very strong and offers excellent compression characteristics.

High Gas Permeability

Its high porosity (approx. 78%) lets gases flow through the carbon paper smoothly.

Corrosion Resistance

The carbon paper is made up of carbon that has been heat-treated at a high temperature, so contains minimal impurities and exhibits excellent corrosion resistance.

Smooth Surface

Carbon fibers are oriented in the surface direction so the material has a very smooth surface with few irregularities, unlike textiles.

Toray Composite Materials for Electrode

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